Bedford County Solid Waste

Recycle Bins

The County’s solid waste is handled by a committee set up with the purpose of monitoring this waste. Diane Forbes is the solid waste coordinator and can be reached at 931-684-4651.

County Recycling: There are 8 convenient centers located throughout the county. At these centers paper, cardboard, metal, glass, batteries and automotive fluids are collected. There is also a tire center which collects tires one day per week. A total of 1,448.20 tons was recycled from these centers producing an income of $51,698.65 and a savings from tipping fees of $30,590.18 for a total of $82,288.83 to the county for recycling efforts.

Last year the total tons of garbage going into the landfill dropped by 2,000 tons and at last year’s Household Hazardous Waste Event 11.01 tons of waste was collected.

Industry Recycling: 18 industries responded to the Tennessee Recycling Report showing a total of 77,150.60 tons recycled last year. This reflects a savings to those industries of $1,786,036.30, based on a tipping fee of $24.15 per ton.

More information from the UT Extension Institute of Agriculture is available here:

See the Household Hazardous Waste Event schedule for 2017 here:

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