Bedford County Department of Information Technology

IT Department

The Office of Information Technology (IT) was established as a means to consolidate and standardize Bedford County governments growing demand for technology and technological support services and to add cost efficiency to a rapidly increasing budget item.

The Office of Information Technology (IT) provides direction, planning, resources and coordination in the management of information systems needs for Bedford County Government. Our mission is to provide continually improving information resources and services in partnership with County Departments.

The duties and responsibilities of this office include the following:

  • Formulation and maintenance of an ongoing information systems planning process.

  • Establish and maintain a network infrastructure to support a county-wide network.

  • Coordinate and maintain a viable vendor network as well as multiple vendor activities.

  • County disaster recovery planning.

  • Assurance of electronic access to public information by the public.

  • Plan, purchase, install, maintain and operate various hardware and software components of the county’s computer networks when cost-effective.

  • Install, maintain and manage the county-wide MPLS network, delivering both high speed internet data and VOIP to multiple departments and remote sites.

  • Maintain county systems security.

  • Planning, coordination and oversight of electronic security technology and systems.

  • Provide computer training and support to county employees.

  • Stay informed regarding technological progress and its impact on our county government.

  • Oversight and maintenance of a geographic information system, leveraging our existing technology and data collected from various departments for use county-wide.

  • Implementation, oversight and maintenance of county-wide electronic document and records management systems development.

  • Coordinate technological acquisitions and maintenance agreements.

  • To act as a conduit for open communications with and between all county departments.

The four functional objectives that encompass this department’s focus are:

  • Technology Administration
  • Mapping & Geospatial Systems
  • System Development
  • Spatial Data Management
  • Technology Support & Training

The Bedford County IT Department is responsible for supporting the technology needs of all appointed and elected offices with the exception of Bedford County Schools.